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Woot woot!

I updated 😀 Sorry for the late update. This was a monster of a page @.@ It’s twice the size of a normal one XD

But I feel like the fanservice deserved it XD

Btw, Carol is a medical professional. This is all totally necessary practice.


Patreons get access to Desert Fox early, so if you like the show, please show your support 😀

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GOD! I never thought this would happen DX
So, long story short, my computer died so I ordered a new one, but the shippers completely destroyed it, so Ive been fighting with them for the past 7 weeks trying to get the insurance money. They gave me 25% of what it was insured for, then denied the rest. So, I managed to scrape enough cash together to get my new rig working right. And thus, I have lots of drawings to submit now! 😀