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Fulvus Art Collection Book Fundraiser
  • MrAMP

    Okay, for clarification, how many years has it been since the Origin to
    this page? I ask as this orange haired fellow reminds me of that kid
    back on Page 5 of Origins but with a superb beard.

    • It can’t be more than 10 years… unless the aging process was altered by the magic and radiation thing.

      I would d love to read through the whole back story. But I’d need more time than I actually have to be able to. Lol

      Loving the story so far though. Just finished reading through the current pages.

  • Jorge Ibarra Ferado

    let the new comic begin

  • Dragoncat

    Just discovering this webcomic. Started from the start. This promises to be good. Hope to see more.

  • Ginom94

    That beard is glorious. Looking at this and the older stuff, it’s astonishing how far you’ve come. Keep going, and I hope you get lots of support man.