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Page 15 published on 4 Comments on Page 15
Man. Those guards sure can be jerks. *wink* I’m sorry this update is so late. It was basically finished, but I was betrayed! My drawing program suddenly decided it didn’t like me anymore, and set both the main and backup files as ‘Unsupported Files.’ The extensions didn’t change! I don’t know what happened! But I lost them. Luckily I still had the sketches from patreon, so I didn’t have to start off completely from scratch.
  • BloodAngelsCaptain

    Poor, poor Des. I wonder how he’s going to excuse this. X)

    Also, that was quite the close call. :/

  • MrAMP

    I don’t know if it’s because it has some kind of secured fence and body guards next to it, but I swear this is giving me the whole government facility vibe. Either that or it’s some sort of really advanced school. And…because I said that out loud, I’m getting the whole Saved by the Bell parody in my head. I just wonder how much trouble Des is going to be in with the principal. XD

    Also, really digging the design of the two guards there as they kind of remind me of Snake Eyes from the GI Joe franchise.

    • Shadowkey392

      I was thinking the same thing

  • DarkMyste

    Des is your life insurance paid up, because think your friends are going to kill you