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Fulvus Art Collection Book Fundraiser
  • BloodAngelsCaptain

    Annoyed Pixel is cute and hilarious. X)

    • Dragoncat

      Yes, I agree… And we can all be relieved that she cannot ‘respond’ to our comments.

  • MrAMP

    Pixel is not amused with constantly being excluded from the headcount. XD
    Seriously though, Pixel so makes this page. That expression in Panel Two is just too cute to pass up. Seriously, she’s like the comedic relief of the entire series thus far. Also @SageStrike2 , did you do something different with the shading here? The colors look so bright and vibrant.

  • Golden Script

    I only just realized… why is pixel the only girl on the team?!

    • SageStrike2


  • Dragoncat

    Does this make Pixel a “secret weapon” of sorts? So secret, even the team doesn’t acknowledge her.

    • SageStrike2

      She’ll annihilate her enemies! With her… Um… Adorbable cuteness?

  • Richard Poteat

    Just started and already love it