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Fulvus Art Collection Book Fundraiser
  • BloodAngelsCaptain

    Poor Des. 🙁


  • MrAMP

    Yeah…Alura is not buying that for a moment and is so reading Shade’s motives like an open book. It must be because of her mad reading skills. Also, speaking of Alura, I must say that her new outfit is quite sexy and revealing, like one of those Hawaiian dancers.

    • Golden Script

      i take offence to your analogy. our tribal outfits that we wear during celebrations isn’t to look sexy, or to be really revealing. and it’s not a fashion statement. we wear them because it is our culture and a part of our history. one of the few things we can hold onto from our past with how modern technology, fashion and media is taking over. i take great pride in my culture and it burns me up to see people saying things like this, and writing my people’s culture off as something it’s not.

  • Shadowkey392

    …8D kitty!

  • Evil Shaggy

    Panel 3 that hand