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  • Norfolk southern ET44AC 3605

    very cool comic and fulvus haves a big belly from the cupcakes

  • Catcoalatte

    THE PLOT THICKENS!!!! And so does her waistline xD

    • Guardianassassin


  • Guardianassassin

    🎶going nowhere, going nowhere…🎶

  • ArmoredKralle

    I’m digging Mitchel’s Rascals shirt in the photo on panel 4

  • MrAMP

    OMGG! Fulvus has a cookie bun in her massive oven. Either that or she’s trying to mimic Candy’s body style. XD

    Seriously though, that last panel is perfect. It so captures and highlights her surprise.

  • cooladelic

    That will definitely fix the waist line problem, the fuller the better 😉

  • Facade Kitsune

    someone tell Fulvus that is not where butts belong

  • Gravedigger

    great, she’s broken

  • Professor Fate

    Monty Python’s Flying Circus!

  • Gravedigger

    when the idiot you cant stand actually helps you find what your lookin for

  • Alexander Sear

    IT’S *scene change* monty pythons flying circus, sorry, too easy

  • Shadowkey392

    First panel is adorable!

  • Shadowkey392

    It’s It’s! That’s Des’s new name, now! “It’s”!