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Fulvus Art Collection Book Fundraiser

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  • MrAMP

    DANG! I have to say that is some impressive work on those backgrounds! They look amazing! Also, nice touch with all the lighting on this page, especially in those first two panels. Special thanks to KJ –
    Also, DANG! Fulvus is not in the mood to deal wither companion’s antics today!

  • Catcoalatte

    Wow Fulvis. Go ahead and treat your friend like dirt! Geez! Someone needs a bonk on the head!

    • Kaelpie

      To be fair this is very important to Fulvus and she was in the city for how long? several weeks? And during all that time while(or instead of) searching, Deanna has been dragging her along shopping and the like, which probably felt like a pointless waste of time to Fulvus. Now that she finally has a clue(and a pretty concrete one at that) Deanna would rather try to drag her to swim or skate or on a picninc instead of just explaining why she can’t and why she thinks Fulvus shouldn’t go to the guild. Plenty of people would snap at that.

      • John Walker

        To be honest.. I think Dea got off light on that! She deserves a bit more then that… maybe even just called the selfish witch she is and left behind.
        (well, she does have a cat that’s hanging around her…)

    • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

      to be perfectly honest Dea deserves this. stupid bitch has no idea, and refuses to help her friend properly

  • Cory Tenorio

    This is NOT gonna end well.