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Fulvus Art Collection Book Fundraiser

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  • Catcoalatte

    I spy with my little eye a kitty paw~ Is Dea’s pet gonna pull a Kilala on us?

    • Dragoncat

      Oh, man! I hope so…

    • ocbrad1

      I couldn’t find the kitty paw, where did you see it? If you’re talking about panel 2 by the blue light/energy beam, that looks like Fulvus’ fingers on her left hand.

      • Shadowkey392

        Try the last panel.

        • ocbrad1

          Gotcha. I thought that was Fulvus’ foot, but looking closer it isn’t her coloring.

    • Shadowkey392

      Pull a what now?

  • MrAMP

    OH! So she’s a light bender of sorts! Neato! Although, I will say that’s an interesting and quite revealing way to ensnare an adversary. And that guy doesn’t seriously seem hurt from that black magic attack despite the fact that the metal all around him is burnt. What is that guy eating? Also, I’m getting the feeling that the cat is about to transform into something huge.

    Bad Pun Time:
    I guess you can say that Fulvus is all TIED UP at the moment.
    I guess one can say that the guy is SMOKING HOT! XD

    • pimsan

      Dude! I was about to make a bad pun about Fulvus tight situation!

  • tych

    is this page NSFW?

    • Joshua Bennett

      Nope. It just needs to go a little bit further.

      • tych

        ahh but it’s close okay just wanted to be sure

  • Jacob Freid

    Somebody has been eating their spinach…..yowza….

  • Joona Mikael Dromberg

    Minä pidän Desert fox sarjakuvasta

  • Shadowkey392

    D8 “Tickles”?! Good God man, WHAT are you MADE of?!?!