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  • KLiCK

    No, I don’t remember Shade’s cat, Shadow. And that must’ve looked like it hurt. I mean for Dea anyway.

  • Shadowkey392


    • Jahmir White

      More like a CAT DRAGON FIGHT!!!!!
      Am i right?!!?

      • Dragoncat

        Or a DRAGON CAT FIGHT!!!!!
        Either way, this is gonna hurt… Dea. How long will it take for Muscle Man to realize that?

      • Shadowkey392

        I don’t think they’re actually cats, so no, not really! Still awesome though!

        • Jahmir White

          Maybe they’re disguised like that or hiding their true identifies from the world. I don’t know.

          • Shadowkey392

            Probably. That would be my guess.

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    soooo… are all the cats in this secretly demonic dragons? or just these two?

  • Danixyea

    Thusfar was going to use an hiperbeam or something like that?

  • Jahmir White

    I don’t remember seeing Shade and Shadow together before.

  • tych

    …again really feel like Dea is going to die after this is all over

  • Catcoalatte

    No I don’t remember another dragon kitty! What!? Where!? When!?